FAQ Shipping

Why did I get two separate shipping charges in my order?

All textiles are made by hand in Montreal by a separate studio and therefore shipped separately from the plates, mugs, patches, and greeting cards. 

T-shirts are also shipped separately from everything else including home textiles. 

So you will receive two separate tracking numbers and two separate shipping rates if you order items from both categories.

I have reduced the shipping cost for said textiles in an effort to reduce overall shipping fees for your order, so it winds up only being a few dollars more than what you would pay if you had combined shipping for multiple items in one box.

How long will it take to get my order?

Items (except for greeting cards, patches, and mugs) are made by hand to order unless otherwise noted, so for plates, it takes about 4 days to finish your order and for textiles, they take 7-8 days. None of these projected times include shipping.

How long will shipping take? 

Within Canada, orders usually take 2-13 business days. For example, a package sent by Canada Post Expedited may take 5 days to get to Vancouver, BC, and another package sent by the same service will take 13 days to get to Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Within the USA, orders usually take 2-6 days to arrive once shipped.

Do you offer local pickup for textiles ie: Pillows and tea towels? 

Unfortunately, since these items are shipping straight from the Montreal studio in which they are made, they are not available for local pickup. But sometimes I have some on hand for shows so message me to be sure.