FAQ Plates

Are your plates food safe? Can I eat mom's spaghetti off of it?

Unless otherwise stated no they are not, my pieces are strictly decorative, meant to be works of art hung on the walls of your home. They come ready to hang with a custom-made hook on the back. 
What kind of hook should I use in the wall to hang the plate from? 

I recommend using a brass picture hook on the wall to hang your plate. I do not recommend 3M command strips as they are not secure enough to hold the weight of the plate, and I know many people have issues with them.

Do you offer food-safe pieces?  

I do occasionally offer mugs, jars, and bowls. These are food safe and made with an entirely different process. These pieces will note their usage in the listing description 

How do you prepare the pieces for shipping?

Since the two carriers I use do not insure breakables, you can bet your sweet butt I wrap the heck out of these babies. I have developed a wrapping system with bubble wrap and fill that has so far protected shipping plates as far as New Zealand 

Tell me more about your hooks...

The hooks are custom-made for my plates. Designed by my father-in-law (a retired engineer), he and my mother-in-law make each one by hand for me. It's a family affair! 

They are secure and sturdy and safe to hang with. I advise not hanging in a super high humidity environment such as a shower area as the compound used to attach them is epoxy.

The enemy of most glues is moisture, so in the interest of keeping things secure, I would stick to dry areas. Also, I recommend using a brass picture hook in your wall as opposed to just a nail, it will give you a much more secure and balanced hang.

Do you offer local pick up for textiles ie: Pillows and tea towels? 

Unfortunately since these items are shipping straight from the Montreal studio in which they are made, they are not available for local pick up. 

Do you purchase Antique China?

Yes, I do, depending on the condition and the style of the plates. (I can't accept anything with chips, cracks, or discoloration)  Email me with photos and we can discuss.